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Tied Down By A Chain of REACTIONS? ~ by Andi Mac

Cause and effect appears to be the way life unfolds. It has become the explanation for how things happen - or don't happen. Cause and effect is the delicate fabric of reason that leads to illusion about how things really happen.

Cause and effect is commonly defined as a chain of reactions. and it's easy to get tied up in misconceptions about how things manifest. This accepted idea says there is a cause and a result which is an effect.

Socrates stated the "Socratic Law of Causality" – today we call it the "Law of Cause and Effect". We accept it as a part of our way of looking at the world and have now for quite awhile..

Between these 2 forces called cause and effect, meaning is extracted, believed and attached to and often the outcome is....

* "They (cause) are making me angry (effect)."

* "He/she (cause) broke my heart (effect)."

* "My boss or my job (cause) makes my life difficult (effect)."

* "If I had a better [fill-in the blank] (cause) things would be easier (effect)."

* "They are the source (cause) of all my troubles and worries (effect)."

What does it do when the idea of cause/effect is taken as true without questioning?

We've heard it all our lives that some things are causes and other things are effects.

Cause become effects and the chain of reactions begins. With this ideal as a root, it says on the inside, "I am effected by....

* what someone does or says

* what the government does

* what the economy does

* what the weather does

* what my neighbor does

* what my children, husband, wife or partners do

* what my boss does and on and on...

These "two forces" called cause & effect have been used for a very long time to explain how things happen to and/or for us.

You've probably heard phrases popularized in the last few decades like, "take back your power!" Or "no one can do anything to you that you don't allow." This sounds so attractive. It sounds powerful to be able to take back something... power to be exact. And it is a way to self-improve until something comes along and takes that 'self-improvement' by surprise. Who's in charge of you then? Someone else? Something else? Yes.

"She made me feel sad."

"He broke my heart."

"They make laws that are making my life miserable."

Push-pull. In-out. Up-down. Forward-backward. In-and-out. Believing "i" (uninvestigated mind) does have control. Then coming face-to-face with how the reality of how much "I" really don't have control. PAINful to feel so out of control. Stressful. Frustrating. It's a struggle to keep up with it all.

"I have control over things in my life." - A good universal idea that's worth it's weight in gold to question.

What is, is missed...

Something is actually going on between the cause idea and the effect idea. What's in between gets missed. Really missed. Completely missed. If you don't see it for yourself, you wouldn't believe it's even there.

What's in-between is "what is." Reality. Cause and effect, on its own, is a misconception - a misunderstanding. A HUGE mis-understanding. When what's going on in between gets missed - which it often does - illusion steps in, stories take over to provide an explanation which, remember, conditioned mind desperately loves and your life is in for a ride.

Reality Check: What external to you has the ability to control you in any way? Affect you? Make you angry? Make you sad? Make you happy? Make you feel loved? Make your life difficult? One believes there is a cause that can affect one's life. Is that possible? Question it. Question it. Question it. This is true meditation. This is a real desire to know truth - to question everything. Doubt leads to understanding - belief to blindness.

Actually, this misconception of cause/effect IS real and true for the mechanical human being whose buttons can be pushed like a toaster oven. It DOES feel as if there is a cause outside one's self that DOES affect what's going on. That's how it feels but what it feels like and what is real are two entirely different things. This must be checked out for self to discover if its true or not.

Do you want to be mechanical? Is there anyone who would prefer not to be mechanical? What is the difference between a mechanical human being and a real living being? One who is really in charge of their inner state-of-being? We'll go into this in detail in the upcoming Human Source Code School.

Enough truth to mesmerize.

The two forces called Cause and Effect are not the whole story. The Cause and Effect idea doesn't work. It is a way to look for what to blame when things don't go right or something to strive harder to repeat again, when things do. We see someone else's success and believe that if we can repeat what they did, we'll get what they got. It's an illusion. Doesn't work.

Cause and effect is an exoteric teaching. It is half-the-story.

The now very popular 'law of attraction' idea, is established on this half-story. This makes it very difficult to put it to work in one's life with reasonable success. A carrot is always dangling out there on the line and never close enough to grasp. It looks good on paper. It says my thoughts are the cause of what is attracted into my life (the effect). If I then change my thoughts, I will create a different effect. The scenario begins with misunderstanding and branches out from there.

The second misconception that ensues is a strong and powerful belief that what is, is not 'good', not 'acceptable', not 'appropriate' and must be changed. That is followed nearly immediately by another strong and very powerful belief, "I know how it should be different!"

"The world should be different than it is".

"I should be different than I am."

"My finances should be different than they are."

"My love-life should be different than it is."

When one believes things should be different, it stresses the body and the mind. Creates inner and outer conflict. No exception. How does it feel when you look at the world and see terror, pain, suffering, poverty, hunger and feel it should be different when it's not? Is it painful?

Yes? And then the story begins again. Hear it? "Yes but.... there is poverty and hunger and this SHOULD be different!" THAT is the struggle. That is the conflict. THAT is the argument with reality and that is what ages and exhausts a human being... literally.

So, what is the answer?

Are there answers that work in all situations? Are there answers that no matter what the circumstance provide a way that doesn't lead to more illusion?

When the whole story is not clear, humans end up in struggle, striving to reach an ideal which begins and ends with an illusion.

A law works without exception in every case. Cause and effect doesn't. It doesn't because this is not how things manifest in the universe.

The Whole Story...

The whole story is that there are 4 forces, not two. The four forces that do work without exception every time. This is the complete teaching from which the Cause and Effect story was extracted.

"The Four Forces - Universal Balance"

It's been said many times on the Mayan Calendar Code website and in our newsletters that the extreme value of the Mayan calendar, is it shows us where we are in the overall plan of Creation. When you understand the 4 Forces of Universal Balance, the Mayan calendar comes into a whole new light. How the 9 underworlds, 13 heavens, 9 movements of the planetary round of light is limited when seen through the 2-dimensional lens of cause/effect and leaves giant holes that have no explanation that doesn't have to be made up... in other words a story. This same thing happens with life in general.

When you're guessing about what's really going on, it's more difficult to flow in harmony even within yourself, much less in the overal plan of Creation.

The Human Source Code School, is for people interested in going deeper into the technology of the mind -- freeing the mind of unseen conditioning that creates all struggle. Can we truly end suffering and go beyond imagination? Can you be a NEW human?

To learn more about the upcoming HSC School click here!

Andi Mac

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