Friday, May 4, 2007


What IS Optimum Performance?
by John Assaraf

This question raises different responses from different people.
It causes people to ponder issues like:

- Have you ever thought about how much better you could be doing in your business?
- How about your career?
- What about your relationship with someone you love?
- How about the state of your health right now?

One or more of these areas most often needs a little more attention in day-to-day life. But there seems to be so much to do, so much to accomplish if 'more' is the focus.

Here’s a secret: the quest for more is a trap. It never stops. But the positive side is this: Optimum Performance is about playing life at the highest possible level, reaching our fullest potential.

Now the question is: if people are so full of potential, though, why are most not living up to their potential in every area of life? For some very good reasons that make perfect sense, take a look at desire, passion and fun.


Do you remember when you were a kid and all you wanted to do was play? What was one thing you loved to do that you could do for hours and never want to stop? Then ask yourself why.

For most, it was probably because it was fun and exciting, and you felt good doing it. It made you happy and you never wanted to stop doing it until you dropped.

Of course, who couldn’t get hurt running, playing and challenging life once in awhile? But the reward of having fun, feeling free and the sense of accomplishment was worth the price. Youth are born natural risk takers.

But later on what happens? And why is it relevant to optimum performance?

Well, part of the reason you enjoyed what you did was the 'positive feedback' you received from others. The other more important part is because it was what you wanted to do. It didn't really matter how 'good'
you were. The 'how good' was secondary to just having fun.

It was the times you chose to do what you wanted that was the most fun and exhilarating. It wasn't when someone else said you needed to do or should do something.

Optimum performance can only truly be achieved when 'all of you' is in the game. And life is just a game. You loved playing as a kid and it's time to start playing again.

Just going through the motions in your relationship is so mediocre and not fun. Working in a job or career that you tolerate is not fun. Not earning the income you want is not fun. Not having the energy or health you want is not fun.

What's NOT FUN in your life right now?

So the real question you are now faced with is you want to have fun again? Do you want to play?

How great would the results be in each area of your life if it were fun again?

Well it can be...and will be!

Do not confuse having fun with not putting in effort. You will achieve results in every area of your life in direct proportion to the effectiveness of the effort you put in, not the effort. Do not confuse activity with results.

In the coming months my focus will be to help you think about why you are getting the results you are in your life right now and how to significantly enjoy yourself more, so that the results are the by-product of having fun and doing what you love and want to do.

The game of life is about choosing what you really want. The real trick in having more is in becoming more and having fun. It is natural to grow and become more, when we do what we love and what we want.

Optimum performance is about doing the 'right things' really well.


JOHN ASSARAF is the author of The Street Kid's Guide to Having it All, (a New York Times bestseller), and one of the experts featured in the film and book The Secret, which he helped launch into a worldwide phenomenon through appearances on Oprah, Larry King Live, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Anderson Cooper 360° and other major media outlets. John has also founded and/or led successful companies in real estate, Internet software, personal development and business coaching.

John is one of the Marshall Goldsmith (pictured right) School of Management's Distinguished Thought Leaders. He has a unique passion for quantum physics and neuroscience, and teaches people how to apply findings from these disciplines to achieve success in business and in life. His latest company is OneCoach, which helps entrepreneurs and small-business professionals grow their revenues so they can achieve financial freedom and live extraordinary lives.

[John Assaraf will be joining the outstanding group of nine presenters from The Secret coming together at UCLA for The Law of Attraction Prophets Conference July 20-22. John will also be getting together with Joe Dispenza of What The BLEEP Do We Know!? in Miami June 15-16, 2007.]

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