Friday, July 20, 2007

Why this blog has been so quiet...

I created the Secret Science blog when my son-in-law generously bought me into the SGR program. He believes in that old adage: "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day; teach him to fish, and he'll never go hungry!" Well, it so happens I only recently began to realize I had a deeply embedded prejudice against "rich folks."

Most of my life I've looked up to people in the arts - writers, musicians, filmmakers, dancers, acrobats - not people in business. In fact, I felt a barely concealed revulsion for those who knew only how to make money and nothing else. Bankers were to me the scum of the earth, parasiting off the energy of other lifeforms with their usurious, penurious habits.

So I figured it was time to deprogram myself of voluntary poverty - and if anyone could help me get on the fast track of financial success, it had to be Bob Proctor and his enterprising friends.

However, after several blogposts I realized I wasn't completely sure what I was getting involved in. Was it really just another MLM type get-rich-quick scam? My son-in-law said I was in on the early wave and stood a good chance of harvesting the first rush of excitement over this new program, riding on the wave of The Secret's phenomenal popularity. Now, this guy is a natural-born entrepreneur who started his business from scratch during the worst recession in 1997. In ten years he's built a veritable empire with branches all over and a multi-million dollar turnover. I was gobsmacked when he nonchalantly announced, less than three weeks after we both signed up for SGR, that he had made $10,000 from sales, which more than covered his capital investment for both of us! Well, therein lies the big difference between us: his friends are all into LIFESTYLE and spending $2,000 on a whim is no big deal - why, they easily spend that amount every weekend. My friends, however, would have to borrow money to pay for such a program - if they were convinced it works. The only way I could possibly convince them was to get absurdly rich myself within the next six months.

After the third month I had to acknowledge that neither my head nor my heart was fully enthused about selling the SGR program - or any other product, for that matter.
My passion lies in making music, making people think and feel, making love, making movies... not selling! That's right... my interest in the "law of attraction" and Rhonda Byrnes began to flag. It all began to smell a bit funny to me - like some hustler had just spray-painted over a rusty car in the hope of selling it at a higher price than it was worth.

Finally, I had to admit... the people I had met at Bob Proctor's pep talk weren't exactly the sort I'd enjoy hanging out with - they were all so DRIVEN!!! So utterly obsessed with MONEY!!! And I must confess I find it well nigh impossible to IGNORE the shit flying around. I can tune it out of my reality for a few hours a day... but I hear stuff going on around me and I can't help pulling my head out of the sand occasionally to see what's going down... I mean, when there's a robber in your house, it ain't easy to beam love at the whole world and say, "Everything's perfect!"

Oh well... I'm halfway through Wallace D. Wattle's little green book and I've heard about two hours of the mp3 lectures... don't have any quarrel with the material, but
it ain't really the sort of fare I'm accustomed to. It's like trying to acquire a taste for corporate brochures as staple reading!

I'll report back when I've finished Wallace's book.