Sunday, February 11, 2007

Secret Agent Antares

I spent the first five decades of my life revelling in the role of "starving artist" - trying my hand at stage acting, scriptwriting, cartooning, documentary making, songwriting and composing. I felt like the richest man on earth - even though my bank balance indicated I was living just above the poverty line. When I officially "retired" in 2005 and received a modest windfall from my pension fund, I discovered - for the first time - what a glorious feeling it is to actually have fat in the piggy, cash in hand to live the life I've always wanted, with financial independence and peace of mind. I opened my mind and lowered my ego resistance to learning from others who were well ahead of me in the game of attracting an endless flow of money into their lives. I decided to take affirmative action and begin a new chapter of my life wherein material abundance and spiritual wisdom would become the best of friends.

However, the influence of Saturn in Leo makes me a bit reclusive, wary of "celebrity" and the vulgar hype that surrounds it - and yet another part of me, like everybody else, craves fame and fortune. In effect, the internal contradictions in my programming seem to have sabotaged all my efforts to attain my dream of "heaven on earth" (initially for me, and then for every living creature, every sentient soul in existence!)

Recently I made a conscious decision to deactivate my protective cynicism and stop being suspicious of "entrepreneurs" in general and MLM schemes in particular. Knowing I could never really be comfortable being in door-to-door sales, I opted to do some selling online, of what promises to be a very well-designed product, backed by some of the most charismatic personalities in marketing and success coaching: The Secret Science of Getting Rich home seminar and affiliate program.

I realize that those in greatest need of these powerful "attitude-adjusting" tools probably believe they can't afford the stiff price tag - and are therefore likely to dismiss the whole thing out of hand. The ones most likely to sign up are those already doing pretty well - but who desire to achieve even greater results. If you happen to be in the latter category, go ahead and take the plunge. It's only cold for the first few seconds - and then I bet you'll be having the time of your life! :-)

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